Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 1, Jan 10th 2014: Gunnedah to Queenstown

Well, i can't access the blog I created to keep track of this trip from over here so I had to create another one, what a pain. I think it's the whole overseas thing, and is just not letting me post but they should be.... grrrrr, where's a nerd when you need one. Anyway, technology aside here's a brief look at today. We stayed overnight at Tamworth to make the day easier, we chose the Golf Links Motel to save a few bucks but in the end it wasn't worth it, the bed was rock hard and the shower was hopeless, the two major things you want right at a motel. Anyway a few hours sleep and we were out at the airport keen to go, caffeine consumed and it wasn't long before we were on our first plane.
The flight into Sydney was on time and we got across to International with plenty of time to spare. The big (huge) Alpinestars bag I got for Christmas has cost me an arm and a leg in excess baggage though, about $100 today. We'd kind of missed breaky so we were both a little hungry but I'm not sure how this guy took to Jodi wanting to "dip him in a caramel late and let him melt in her mouth"............. looks like a thumbs up though, so who knows.
Airports are amazing places if you like people watching, I saw a guy with the comb over from hell and every nationality on earth in a square kilomtre, sorry no pic of the comb over freak. The trip was on time and we had a view of the west coast of NZ in about 2 hours. It was amazing, we flew over Milford Sound, across the Cardrona snowfields, turned right and down through the valley int Queenostown from the east.
We picked up the car, a bloody Camry, and headed into town to grab some sim cards to make sure we could piss everyone off with heaps of pics as soon as possible. Checked into the Copthorne, very nice, great view, cold whiskey and a really good feed too.
Jodi is already asleep, I'm very tired but it's 8.45pm and you could play nine holes of golf it's that bright outside, it still amazes me. Well that's it for a boring travel day, tomorrow Jodi has visions of jumping off things, parrasailing and god knows what else. Stu

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