Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 2, Saturday 11th Jan 2104

Well Queenstown really turned it on for us today, what beauty, it started off a little cloudy and cool but we were up and looking for something to do by about 8.30am.
Jodi skipped out on breakfast as she was prepping herself for the paragliding first thing. There was no way I was turning down a feed of well, if you can cook it I ate it, for breakfast. The track around the foreshore of the lake to the centre of Queenstown is amazing and offers you some really nice spots to take some photos.
We headed up to the Gondola and to the top of the town to find out if the paragliding was operating and it was, so with Jodi booked in and ready to go we headed into the cafe to get the blood pumping.
After a quick coffee we headed back to parasailing spot only to be informed that there wasn't enough wind and we ended up getting a refund. Jodi was devastated but we were told that if the conditions improved she'd be able to fly, but as it turned out by the time we got back into town in the afternoon it had turned from not enough wind to too much wind, so maybe tomorrow.
We walked around Queenstown looking for something to do before booking in Jodi's big bungy jump / swing thing. Jodi had seen some haunted house thing, Fear factory and we walked paste it, I was all like "this thing is made for little kids and Asians, Jod" but she wore me down and we went it, $29 / head, meh, if it was a laugh it'd be ok.
Well this thing cracked me up, it scared the hell out of Jodi. The fact I'd watched Silent Hill the night before didn't help me any either, I almost punched some guy in the face when he scared the hell out of me, from then on the mainly focused their scaring on Jodi.
This picture doesn't do the house justice, it was very, very dark. Well with the haunted house behind us we still had another 2 hours to kill before heading off to the Nevis swing. We were walking along the markets along the shore front and spotted a parasailing boat out on the lake and thought "why not", Jodi was feeling a little ripped off about not getting a paraglide in the morning so maybe this would help her get her adrenaline going before the jump.
I can't get the photo's to load for the parasail but it was actually kind of cool, it so quiet up there and the views were pretty good too. It was time to do the final run in for the bungy and Jodi lined up to get it all sorted.
The only real thing Jodi was afraid of was the swing bridge out to the jump platform.
Well I'll let the pics tell the story from here on. All I can add is Jodi done it twice, once looking out the front way and once upside down looking backwards. She loved it and would have done it ten more times if she could have.
After a hard day we settled into yet another wonderful meal and a view those stuck in Gunnedah can only dream of.
Tomorrow, more bungy, a canyon zip ride and god knows what else. Stu

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