Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 3, Queenstown 12th January 2014

Well we woke up this morning after listening to the wind and rain rattle the windows all night and it looked pretty average outside.
All the little creeks and rivulets were running down the mountain sides and the clouds were low and heavy. We dug out the wet weather gear and headed into town to have a look around at what we could do on such a day.
The TSS Earnslaw, an old steam powered boat makes trips across the lake every 90 minutes, you can take the poverty pack and just grab a seat and do the trip there and back or you can cough up a few more bucks and have a look around a "real" farm and watch some guy play with sheep.
As the other passengers disembarked to watch a kiwi get up close and personal with his woolly friend we had a look around the boat and took a few pics.
The trip there and back was uneventful and kept us out of the rain until the clouds began to break, probably because the wind was tearing them apart.
Back in town we jumped in the car and headed out to the little AJ Hacket bungy jump, Jodi wanted to bungy but at the Nevis, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, there was a chance she may have aggravated a knee injury she's been trying to get on top of so she decided against it.....this year....anyway the Kawarua Bridge jump it 40 odd meters, about as high as the old flour mill at Moree, so shouldn't be a problem and away she went.
Once again photo's say it better than words can.
It's was a pretty sedate day for Queenstown standards, the DRZ was in stock today but it was pouring the whole time I had the opportunity to take it out so, maybe next time. Jodi and I are committed to coming back, she wants to do the Nevis bungy and we will both jump out of a perfectly good plane adjacent to the Remarkables, it'll be awesome but I also have a whole year to think of a way to back out. Tomorrow we are off the Te Anau, so not much happening on a travel day but we'll keep an eye out. Some talk of snow on the peaks tonight.

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