Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 5, Milford Sound January 14th 2013

WOW........seriously, wow !!! We jumped on the bus to Milford Sound about 7.30am this morning. Mother nature had been kind to us and not only dusted the mountains with a fresh coat of snow above the tree line but also began to blow the clouds away by late morning.
The drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound is worth the trip, the boat trip is just something to do while you stand around with your mouth open in amazement.
About 50ks or so into the trip we pulled up at Mirror Lake for some picture practice.
And then the real mountains came into view.
We waited about 30 seconds before the green light for the tunnel put us on the west side of the ranges and the serious wow's started to come into view.
Further down into the valley towards Milford Sound we dropped about 1000 metres over the course of a couple of kilometres.
We pulled up half way down and watch this Kea trying to eat a mini bus before heading down to the docks.
We were quickly herded on board with the rest of the sheeple and headed out into the Sound.
I'll let the pics say the words from here, but to put it into perspective these mountains are 1000 - 1500 metres high, that's about as high as Kaputar straight up off the water.
We spend around 2.5hrs on the boat and then jumped back on the bus and a few more photo stops as we headed back to Te Anau.
You know you are parked next to some seriously steep mountains when you have to look through the roof to see the top of them.
Huge day today. These’s were a couple of 438 pictures we took. Tomorrow we head to Wanaka via the Highlands Motorsport Complex, go carts, fast laps or a few hot laps in a Suzuki Swift ??? we'll see when we get there. Stu

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